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  • As we continue to grow the Music Box Village, we also continue to find ways to explore and to share the concepts of "musical architecture" with the wider world. With Porch Life, our mobile work of "musical architecture," we are now able to visit audiences and artists across the US!
  • We also remain committed to building Music Box Outposts in new locales.
  • These collaborative projects reflect the unique culture of other cities, and often live permanently in those places.

  • Porch Life

porch life

Porch Life is an ambitiously-sized mobile musical house built onto a 16-foot trailer, designed to bring the magic of the Music Box Village to neighborhoods and cities around the country.

Porch Life is about gathering places between the indoors and outdoors, twilight hours spent together between daytime and nighttime, and the evolutionary life of a house from genesis to ruin. Sitting on stoops, swinging on porch swings and other natural gestures will sonically bring this structure to life.

Instruments include the Quintronics Weather Panel, a large analog synthesizer controlled via a set of sensors to detect and literally play changes in the wind, sun, and temperature. Other sonic and visual contributions by artists Swoon, Delaney Martin, Taylor Lee Shepherd, Christian Repaal, Meschiya Lake, Marshall Hawks, Alita Edgar, and Leah Hennessy include a porch swing metronome, harp banisters, chime and reverb balustrades, a staircase drum machine, and bim-bap and marimba railings.

On its 2018 inaugural summer tour, Porch Life appeared at the Jazz & Heritage Festival (New Orleans), the Eaux Claires festival (Eau Claire, WI), Dabls African Bead Museum (Detroit, MI), Coney Island (NYC), and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Washington DC). We hosted public play and concerts by acclaimed musicians, often using the sculpture as an official stage at larger festival venues. Future tours are in the works for 2020 and beyond!

Porch Life at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC

music box outposts

Music Box Village Outposts are one of the most exciting ways we share our community with the world. Outposts celebrate the intrinsic value of everyday sounds and reclaimed materials, found in the unique places we visit.

Airlift sends New Orleans artists to work with builders, inventors and musicians in their own cities. The collaborative process involves researching the architectural and musical history of a specific place, and working closely with local artists. Some Outposts are permanent; others become part of our local installation, bringing distant stories, spaces and ideas back home.

Want to bring musical architecture to your town?

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