New Orleans Airlift is housed in the former Met Fab shop, with facilities for carpentry, welding, masonry, mold-making and many other capabilities for artists and builders. Our unique design and fabrication studio is unlike any other in the region.

Headed by our Lead Engineer Christian Repaal, the Atelier accepts jobs from corporate, commercial, artistic, and institutional clients. Christian’s specialty is working with artists and clients to realize their plans and dreams – as a crucial part of Airlift, he directs all of our major builds, and ensures the structural integrity of our Village.

Contact Christian for more information.

Clients include:
New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
Contemporary Art Center (CAC)
City of New Orleans
Prospect Biennial
Artists including: Swoon, Jennifer Odem, Christopher Saucedo

 Classes Offered —

Intro to Metalwork &
Mig Welding Class

New Sessions begin: Weds. January 10th and Weds. Feb. 28th

Learn basic metalwork, preparing and grinding metal and mig welding with our lead fabricator Christian Repaal. This class is for adults. Initial project: Make a small plant stand, stool or table of your own design.Plant_stands

Intro to Arc Welding Class

New Session Begins January 16th

Arc welding, sometimes called stick welding, is a heavy-duty welding process used for large-scale structural projects such as fences and buildings, and is especially useful outdoors. Class will cover basic metalwork knowledge, tool instruction, and welding technique of laying a bead. By the end of the class, you will be able to make functional lightweight welds on your own.

Take home a scrap sculpture as you practice your welds!

Beginners are welcome. If you have taken the mig welding class, this is a different approach with new material.

fence welding

Instructor Bio: Melissa Stryker has 20 years experience welding for various art and industrial purposes including film industry, ran the welding shop at Burning Man, and was Chief of Welding for the huge fence surrounding the Music Box Village.

Check our store for upcoming class registration dates!

Each session has six two-hour classes – Cost: $600, materials fee $50

Costume Workshop! Will be offered once only before Mardi Gras 2018…

January 25/29/31
Sculptor/Installation Artist & Costumer Laura McMillian will lead a 3-part workshop in envisioning and creating a transcendental Mardi Gras costume for this Carnival season, inspired by the history of costume across cultures & ages.

Topics covered will include:
– The Origin of Masquerade, Carnival around the world and
New Orleans’ First Mardi Gras.
– Diverse Mardi Gras Traditions in New Orleans,
– Artists, Fashionistas & the World of Fantasy.

Students will create their own costume theme and sketch, learn hat, headdress & mask-making techniques, and complete their look with makeup training.
Additional guest instructors will join the class – Jennifer Jane will bring a makeup overview to Session 3!

Each session will include an hour of lecture, overview and discussion with lots of visual examples, and two hours of hands-on studio time on your own costumes, with help from instructors.

General tools and materials will be provided such as: drawing materials, sewing machine, hot glue guns, wire, hat bases, a selection of fabrics, fringe, etc. but students should plan to bring any special materials they need. Costume resources will be sent out by email and discussed in the first session when sketches are made.

Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat in this workshop!

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