Our program encourages students and families from diverse backgrounds to think creatively and create collaboratively through exposure to a variety of artists, their work processes and their experimental public artworks.

We inspire a sense of curiosity and wonder in your class, and teach concrete/ critical thinking and problem-solving skills through experimentation and play. Kids can grow up along with our evolving village from field trip visits, to summer camps, to apprenticing alongside our artists.

We are now booking Spring Field Trips! Contact Eliza for details.

We offer creative play and learning opportunities for area schools and youth programs. Customized field trips complement your school curriculum and encourage playful learning. Led by artists, our hands­-on education experiences engage students in music, writing, drawing, design, performance, fabrication skills, and other disciplines. We accommodate all age groups and abilities. Each field trip class will complete a survey linked to 21st Century Skills Learning and Innovation Skills. For partnership and program queries, email


New Orleans Airlift is housed in the former Met Fab shop, with facilities for carpentry, welding, masonry, mold-making and many other capabilities for artists and builders. Our unique design and fabrication studio is unlike any other in the region.

Headed by our Lead Engineer Christian Repaal, the Atelier accepts jobs from corporate, commercial, artistic, and institutional clients. Christian’s specialty is working with artists and clients to realize their plans and dreams – as an important part of Airlift, he directs all of our major builds and ensures the structural integrity of our Village.

Contact Christian for more information.

Clients include:
New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
Contemporary Art Center (CAC)
City of New Orleans
Prospect Biennial
Artists including: Swoon, Jennifer Odem, Christopher Saucedo